23 tips to make your Mac computer more secure

I’ve been using Mac computers since 1990. Over 29 years! (good grief I’m old). Mac’s are generally pretty secure out of the box, but there are some things you can do to make your Mac even more secure. Here are some of my favorite tips to improve security on your Mac running OSX.

  1. Create a standard non-admin account for normal everyday activities.
  2. Uninstall or disable Flash, Java, and Silverlight. The hackers use the numerous security flaws in these programs to exploit computers and web browsers. If their not installed on your system, they can not be hacked or exploited. You don’t need them on your Mac or PC.
  3. Disable Automatic login.
  4. Enable Automatic updates.
  5. Use a password manager and/or strong passwords.
  6. Turn on Filevault (disk encryption).
  7. Disable spotlight suggestions in System pref> spotlight
  8. Use a VPN.
  9. Backup your files often in case something happens.
  10. Avoid downloading and installing illegal programs.
  11. In Safari, Settings> General, uncheck “open safe files after downloading”.
  12. Don’t view PDF files in your browser. In Firefox> preferences> applications>  portable document format PDF>  change from “preview in Firefox” to Save file.
  13. Change your DNS settings to use the quad9 service. Windows users should do this also.
  14. Install an ad blocker. uBlock Origin works well.
  15. Create a different password for every website you log into.
  16. Setting a firmware password may also be a good idea.
  17. Email is not safe and can’t be trusted too much. Never click on links in email, even if the email looks legit or appears to be sent from someone you know. Its best to enter the website address manually.
  18. Never reply to spam emails.
  19. Never share your passwords with anyone.
  20. Turn on your firewall.
  21. Update your software often. (The programs you use and the operating system).
  22. Watch our for phishing.
  23. Be very careful about what you download and from what websites.

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